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V Fit Tox là gì?

Là liệu trình tiêm V line theo gói chỉ có tại Ppeum Clinic hiệu quả tạo dáng V line trong một lần.
Giúp phân giải mỡ thừa ở vùng xung quang hàm và giảm độ to của cơ quai hàm là nguyên nhân khiến hàm bạnh, tạo khuôn mặt thon gọn và Vline

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Tạo khối một cách kỳ diệu trên khuôn mặt

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Tạo khối một cách kỳ diệu trên khuôn mặt

How many areas can you get

the filler procedure? Normally we
think that it is for forehead, cheeks, smile lines, or nose. But it can be done on special areas like
Indian bands, eyelids, or back of your hands with
the experienced doctors.

Filler, think about it safely and rationally!

We recommend to these people

  • Face with no volume
  • Flat and hollow forehead line
  • Hollow under eyes and dark circles
  • Flat or hooked nose
  • Shorten chin with round face
  • Small lips but you want to have more lip volume
  • Deepen smile lines that make you older than your age



Are doctors experienced in filler procedure?

The filler procedure is simple than a surgical procedure,
but your satisfaction can be depending on where you get filler,
the doctor’s technique, types of filer, amount of filer,
and the doctor’s design technique. So it requires detail oriented techniques for doctors.
We recommend you to make sure if the doctor has specialty in petit-procedure
and to check if the doctor uses genuine product

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How to dofiller procedure

It creates volume on flattened forehead and gives your forehead a three-dimensional look.
Also, It can creates volume on the above eye brows, or sunken/lumpy forehead.

  • Recommended filer: Korean, Imported brand, QOFILL
  • Synergy effect if you do forehead botox, glabellar botox together

Make the nose bridge higher without looking so dramatic, but completing natural look.
It’s recommended for clients who have a low nose bridge. We recommend 1cc for natural look but
vary from individual to individual.

  • Recommended filer: Korean, Imported brand
  • Synergy effect if you do the Barbie nose procedure together

It improves the jaw line and make your face more slimmer. With the chin filler procedure,
you can achieve V line. Also, it can create volume by advancing your chin length if you have no chin shape
and can make an E line from the side-view.

  • Recommended filer: Korean, Imported brand
  • Synergy effect if you do a botox procedure for gravel chin/ square jaw, laser lifting (Shurink, Ulthera), PS injection together.

Dark circles can be improved with the simple filler procedure.
Completes youthful look by treating dark circles and fine lines under eyes, and adds volume on Aegyo.

  • Recommended filer: Imported brand
  • Synergy effect if you do the Rejuran Healer I procedure together

Creates volume on sunken/ flattened cheeks for a three-dimensional look.
A natural three-dimensional look can be achieved by designing for your facial features, cheeks, and subcutaneous tissue.

  • Recommended filer: Korean/Imported brand
  • Synergy effect if you do a hydro-injection, Rejuran Healer procedure together

Creates volume on smile line where it is sunken and has fine lines.
With the filler procedure, you can achieve vibrant look.

  • Recommended filer: Korean brand
  • Synergy effect if you do a hydro-injection, Rejuran Healer procedure together

Korean Beauty

Now petit-procedure is also K-beauty!
Korea petit-procedure

1 The doctor knows about the filler procedure that– skin condition, facial muscle movement, and its property
Satisfied with the result because of the doctor’s technique and one’s sense of beauty

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Korean best skin clinic

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